CBI India prison ministry celebrates Mothers' Day in the prison.

CBI India celebrated Mother’s Day with women behind bars in Manipur this Sunday. Ministry staff members conducted a special worship service featuring a time of prayer for the facility’s mothers, some of whom raise their children in the jail. Gifts were also distributed to the imprisoned women and to the female correctional officers.

“We showed the inmates our concern and love through this small service,” said Mathotmi Vasha, director of CBI India. He asks for continued prayers for the women imprisoned in Manipur, especially as CBI India prepares to conduct a Communion service in the facility next week. “May the Lord give us courage and strength to do more and more,” he added.

CBI India was launched in 2012. Positive relationships with the authorities in Manipur make access to the jails possible, and plans are underway to expand the program into additional facilities.

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