baptism- No (62)Crossroad Bible Institute India is continuing to advance the Gospel among the nation’s prisoners. Six men were baptized Nov. 8 at Sajiwa Central Jail in Manipur.

Three CBI students also received their certificates for graduating from the Great Truths of the Bible course, before they all took Communion in what CBI India director Mathotmi Vasha described as a joyful celebration of what God is doing in India through Crossroad.

Vasha has baptized dozens of prisoners since the ministry in India launched in 2012. In 2014, Vasha baptized 46 male prisoners at Sajiwa. Vasha periodically preaches in prisons, bringing the Gospel to the people there, many of whom become CBI students.

“Let us rejoice together,” Vasha said. “God is working through our humble ministry. We thank God for all these inmates who are doing CBI courses.”

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