Hands 1Mission Network News recently interviewed CBI President Dr. David Schuringa about the ministry’s recent expansions, including the new website, curriculum developments and the Manga Messiah program for children of incarcerated individuals. MNN writes:

CBI is in its second year of reaching inmates’ children through a program called Manga Messiah. It’s the Bible in a comic format that’s easy for kids to follow, and Schuringa says they’re using it as a preventative measure to keep children out of the criminal justice system.

“Children of prisoners tend to be high at-risk for alcoholism, drug abuse, promiscuity, and entering into a life of crime,” he says. “We’re seeking to disciple these kids; we’re seeking to be a steady presence in their lives.

“We’re seeking to model Christian adults who care about them and can give them some guidance and some love and some security.”

To learn more about CBI’s efforts to reach the families of people behind bars, read the original article, found here.

Although one out of twenty-eight children will have a parent in prison this Christmas, there is hope for these children, and you can help them experience it. Through the discipleship ministry of Crossroad Bible Institute, God is bringing transformative grace to the children of prisoners and their families. Don’t forget to pray for these children and for the ministry of CBI, and remember those behind bars in your year-end giving.