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CBI New Zealand’s prison ministry recently introduced the Manga Messiah course to prisons across the country. Manga Messiah presents the Gospel message in graphic-novel format and, in addition to reaching the children of incarcerated parents, has proven popular with adults who have lower literacy levels.

Director of CBI New Zealand Peggy Landkroon reports that the course is helping students improve their literacy and critical thinking skills. “It is getting easier for me to understand the questions, and I think my writing is better now than when I started,” one student said.

One student set the bar high for the level other students can hope to reach someday. Landkroon recently presented Wayne, the first CBI New Zealand student to complete every one of CBI’s courses, with his final certificate. Over a span of four and a half years, Wayne completed all nine courses in Tiers 1, 2 and 3.

Landkroon finds New Zealand students to be very appreciative of the opportunity to receive the Manga Messiah lessons. “We have received some very positive feedback from the students doing this course. Some are asking if we have more courses like this available,” she said.

CBI’s lessons teach students the life-changing knowledge of what the Gospel means and who Jesus Christ is. Yet it also teaches them the life skills they need in order to be successful, productive members of society upon release. Communication and literacy skills are critical for success in the workplace.

CBI New Zealand’s efforts to reach out to prison chaplains and authorities have resulted in unprecedented access to all but one of the country’s seventeen correctional facilities, meaning that thousands of students now have the opportunity to benefit from CBI’s discipleship program.

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