shutterstock_144653342Crossroad Bible Institute’s satellite campus in Australia is pioneering a new idea to foster the growing sense of community among its nearly five hundred Instructors. “Instructor communities” would present an opportunity for groups of Instructors to meet together under the guidance of a leader to talk about their ministry and raise any questions they might have.

“Those who attended seminars were overwhelmingly impressed with the great number of top speakers there have been. But often there was not enough time for Instructors to be connected with each other to strengthen the bond they would like to have, or ask any questions they may have,” said Anne Bruinsma, co-director of CBI Australia. “We are well underway to form groups, called ‘Instructor communities.’”

Bruinsma believes that Instructor communities would be especially valuable to new Instructors, those who are coming back from a hiatus and those who are beginning a new tier of mentoring.

Ultimately, the hope is that Instructors will get to enjoy sharing their experiences and knowing they are a part of something bigger than themselves.

“We are very impressed with CBI Australia’s idea to foster a sense of personal connection among Instructors,” said CBI’s international coordinator, Jacob Busscher. “As relational creatures, we feel fulfilled from meeting face-to-face with people. I love to see CBI campuses around the world finding creative ways to support their Instructors.”