CAM CBI office in Phnom PenhUnder the direction of CBI Singapore director Paul Tan, prison ministry in Cambodia is moving beyond prison walls. The Training Center in Anduat, Cambodia, is ready to receive its first students, who, upon leaving prison, will live at the Training Center and receive biblical training as well as skills training.

Mr. Sarem will be the first resident. He will be in the Anduat Training Center for a year, during which time he will finish his high school equivalency degree, receive skills training and, most importantly, enroll in the CBI Bible study program.

Sarem, who spent fifteen years in prison for armed robbery with bodily harm, gave his life to Christ and now desires to serve Him. When Sarem has completed his program of study at the Training Center, he will be sent to the Phnom Penh Bible School for a four-year program that will prepare him for prison ministry.

Back at CBI Cambodia’s main office in Phnom Penh, ten new Instructors have been trained and stand ready to assist with the new students who will be enrolled at the Training Center. The main office also continues to provide reentry assistance for released students who may not qualify for entry into the Training Center.

As returning citizens transition from life behind bars to life on the outside, pray that they will fully embrace the fresh start offered to them by Christ and His church here on earth.

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