IMG_7639_croppedThis year, 5,300 CBI volunteer Instructors—more than ever before—are faithfully correcting the discipleship lessons of people in prison around the world. Week after week, Instructors of all ages, nationalities and denominations guide their students in the study of God’s Word while teaching a comprehensive Christian worldview.

Instructors also serve as consistent and loving mentors, and CBI students often remark on the personal touch that the Instructors bring to their work. “I feel that every lesson is graded with a caring ear and that each Instructor really cares for their students,” writes Chris, a Tier 1 student in Oklahoma.

The Instructors’ individualized comments and letters are even more meaningful in the prison environment, where inmates are often seen as little more than a number. “The personal feedback I receive helps me recognize my humanity in this place that is often inhumane,” says John, a CBI student in California.

Many students also remark that the Instructors’ encouragement is an anomaly in their lives. James, a student in Pennsylvania, wrote to CBI about the importance of his relationship with his Instructor: “I have never—and I repeat, never—had such nice encouragement on anything I did.” Furthermore, students who experienced neglect or abuse during childhood often find that the Instructors’ personalized attention can jumpstart the healing and recovery process.

NIC Instructors 1-001

Instructors from CBI Nicaragua

Instructors also find themselves blessed by the care and concern they invest into students’ spiritual journeys. Sherry, an Instructor in Wisconsin, remarks, “God has spoken to me personally, convicting as well as blessing me richly through my Tier 1 lesson correction.” Instructors around the world agree that discipling and mentoring prisoners has strengthened their own faith, bringing them great joy and many blessings.

Thank you, Instructors, for giving of yourselves and for investing your time and energy into the lives of others. Your service is appreciated by the staff at CBI and, most importantly, by 30,000 Christian brothers and sisters imprisoned on six continents. Thank you again and again.