starry night!!!The other night I had what has become a recurring dream over the years. It’s not exactly the same each time, but rather a dream with successive chapters. I see a Victorian-style mansion, like a huge bed and breakfast, and it is filled with happy people of all ages.

With every visit, I enter to discover that the house has curiously grown larger, with new corridors and rooms that I hadn’t seen before. In fact, on my most recent visit I could see that it had grown so much that it was impossible to tour the entire edifice. It is at least four stories high with winding staircases and endless corridors of rooms brimming with folks I’ve never met.

I always take some time to visit “my” little room that someone prepared for me. It has not much more than a bed and a desk, and the mansion had grown so much that it was difficult to locate at first. On this visit I noticed that a large swimming pool had been added, overflowing with kids giggling and splashing, as well as the largest library I could ever have imagined—it seemed like it contained every book in the world.

I couldn’t understand why the mansion was getting larger with every visit.

The answer may be in John 14 where Jesus says He is preparing a place for us (14:1–2) while we on earth are doing His work (14:12). Could it be that as we lead people to Christ and make disciples in accordance with Matthew 28, Jesus orders His angelic construction crew to add a new room to that mansion that awaits us?

By now, you might think I’ve become certifiable. Don’t worry. I’m not getting spooky on you. It’s only a dream I keep having.

But have you ever thought that maybe our work on earth is closely related to Jesus’ work in heaven? Every time you correct a lesson, write a letter of discipleship, provide a donation or offer a prayer, Jesus’ construction crew adds another room, another corridor, another wing, another floor.

Now that’s what I call building God’s kingdom! We are partners in Jesus’ mission as He prepares a place for us all that will someday fill the new heavens and new earth with the glory of God (Habakkuk 2:14).

I can’t wait till my next visit, to see the progress that together we are making. Let’s keep that angelic construction crew busy!