Fear-Not_For-I-Am-With-YouSitting alone in his claustrophobic cell, John was losing hope.

Falsely accused of manufacturing weapons by a jealous fellow inmate, John could feel the depression kicking in, as he stared at the blank walls in his segregation unit.

“Even though I was not guilty, I was still held in segregation for several weeks and put under rigorous investigation,” he said.

John said he knew he was facing serious federal charges and felt helpless. “Sitting alone in a cold cell, the first thing that came to mind was the fact that I was totally alone,” he said.

In that moment of darkness and fear, John said he felt compelled to pray. He prayed for God’s encouragement and for guidance.

That afternoon, John’s prayers were answered when mail arrived for him. It was his Crossroad Bible Institute lesson, which dealt with God’s faithfulness even in times of trial. “I felt it was written directly to me and my problems,” he said.

As John worked through the lesson and studied the Bible, he felt hope returning to his heart. He was later cleared of all charges and returned to general population.

“I believe that lesson came straight from God,” John said. “It was an encouragement when I thought all was lost.”

Christ followers all over the country are making an impact in the lives of men and women in prison. Will you join us?