Founded in 2011

Matthew Savage

Matthew Savage


PO Box 12278
Halstead, CO9 3YZ
United Kingdom

With approximately 85,000 men and women incarcerated and secularism threatening to overtake historic faith in God, the United Kingdom has a great need for the biblical teaching and discipleship offered by Crossroads. Director Matt Savage has successfully initiated the program with a pilot group in a facility in Northern Ireland and has plans to expand the outreach to the other prisons in the UK where the response has been welcoming and enthusiastic. As word spreads in the churches, members are coming forward to stand with this vital ministry as mentors for the Crossroads UK students.

Crossroads offers a context for spreading the Word and love of God and has an added benefit of aiding the rehabilitation of offenders and helping in turning their lives around. –Anne, Crossroads UK Mentor

Thank you for your kind words and thoughts and for your time and hard work marking our work. It is appreciated, and while I am not learned enough to quote chapter and verse, I am sure that Jesus said whenever you look after those like us, it’s like looking after Him! –William, Crossroads UK Student