Founded in 2006

Antonio Prieto Surmay

Antonio Prieto Surmay


Apartado Postal 361533
Bogotá, DC

Colombia, a country riddled with drug trafficking and other criminal activity, continues to fill its prisons, where men and women live in an environment characterized by overcrowding, poor sanitation, violence and insufficient health care. Crossroads presents the hope of Christ to those living in this darkness as students work through the curriculum. Many students maintain their contact with extension center director Antonio Prieto long after their release in order to continue receiving spiritual training and discipleship.

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the studies that you have sent me, because they are very important to me. In my old life, I did many bad things, but I have repented of all those things and would like to tell you of all the changes the Lord has made in my life. –Jorge B., Crossroads Colombia student