Through estate planning, you can make a difference for years to come! Everywhere, people in prison desperately need the truth of God’s Word and the love of God’s people. It’s their only hope for change. Crossroads Prison Ministries has been equipping the church for prison ministry since 1984. This situation presents an opportunity for you to give back the gifts that God has so graciously given to you while making a significant impact upon the church and society for many years to come.

By simply writing Crossroads into your estate plan, you will get the satisfaction of returning your assets to our Maker. You can even find ways to donate to Crossroads without taking any portion of your estate away from your heirs. God has given you an important responsibility to be a good steward of the gifts He has given you. With the successful, faithful investment of these gifts, you will hear, “Well done, good and faithful servant! Come and share your master’s happiness!” (Matt. 25:21).


1. BENEFICIARY: Entrust Crossroads as the primary or only beneficiary in your will to carry on your stewardship responsibilities.

2. “CHILD’S PORTION”: Name Crossroads as one of your “children,” factoring one more child into the division of your will.

3. TITHE OF ESTATE: Specify a percentage of your estate or decide on a specific dollar amount for Crossroads to factor into your estate plan.

4. APPRECIATED ASSETS: Donate any appreciated property, securities, charitable trusts, stocks or annuities to Crossroads. Doing this in your lifetime will reduce the size of your estate, thus reducing estate and inheritance taxes and eliminating capital gains taxes.

5. ENDOWMENT FUND: Use your estate to set up an endowment fund at Crossroads in memory of a loved one or in your own name.

6. LIFE INSURANCE: Make Crossroads the beneficiary of your life insurance policy. You not only make your premium tax-deductible, but you also have the opportunity to donate that large gift you’ve always wanted to give!

7. ANNUITY: LIFETIME INCOME AGREEMENT: Receive a guaranteed income for life and help support Crossroads’s ministry to people in prison through a charitable gift annuity.


1. You receive the satisfaction of returning your assets to God, who blessed you with all you have.

2. You can make a lasting impact on the church and society by directing significant gifts to an outstanding ministry.

3. You leave a legacy of Christian stewardship to your children and grandchildren by your good example of generosity to Christ’s cause.

4. You save significantly on taxes. Charitable gifts are entirely exempt from federal and estate taxes.

5. You make certain that your testimony is heard much longer than a lifetime.

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