Crossroads connects prisoners with mentors in Christ-centered relationships so that lives, prisons and churches are restored through the Gospel.


Crossroads Prison Ministries catalyzes Christ-centered mentoring relationships between people in prison and volunteers from churches throughout the world. The unlikely relationships formed through studying the Bible together and exchanging letters transform both those inside and outside prison walls.

For those who are locked up, experiencing the love of a mentor is metamorphic. The mentors’ encouraging and guiding words have a deep impact, providing a vivid picture of the unconditional love of Jesus. Volunteers who have been Christians for decades are transformed as well, discovering renewed purpose and excitement as they make an eternal difference in the life of someone previously thought to be discardable.

Crossroads Prison Ministries embraces those behind bars as brothers and sisters in Christ. Through a relationship with Jesus Christ and the loving example of their mentors, Crossroads students can become agents of hope and change within correctional facilities. As they engage in Bible study with their mentors, leaders are identified and deployed. This causes cell blocks, day activity rooms and entire prison facilities to be transformed into healthy, vibrant communities of faith.

As these same leaders are released back into their communities, they bring positive change and revival to the churches that receive them. While that is happening in the free world, those who will never be released are providing a foundation on which the church inside prison walls is built.